Sunday, March 7, 2010


November 26, 2009
Thanksgiving is a full day of fun for our family. We start out by going to Grandma Suzie and Grandpa Sherm's house for a breakfast of burritos and french toast. Then we head over to the park and try to burn off some calories with a rousing game of football. It is tons of fun. We usually have enough people for 2 teams, each with at least 15 players. All ages are welcome to play. We also have a crowd to cheer us on. We normally nominate a MVP. This year I am not sure who ended up with that title. This year our team even had a real quarterback, thanks to Adam, Kaitlyn's boyfriend. We have a great time and look forward to the game each year. We ended the day with a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at Papa Kurt and Grandma Mary's house. It was delicious.

Jacey enjoyed "driving" to the park on her Daddy's lap. This seems to be one of her favorites lately. She sees Scott's 4 runner and says "I ride" Which means "I want to drive"

Jacey playing with Cullen.

Some of the adults who did not play football took the kids over to the park.
Jacey loves the slide.

Then Grandpa Kurt worked with Kylie and her baseball skills. This is one of the cousins favorite things to do with Papa Kurt.

Our little Fans!

Kylie and Amy.

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