Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Finally Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve 2009

We started off with our traditional Christmas Eve party at the Smith's home. We ate, sang The Twelve Days of Christmas, acted out the nativity, and played a long game of white elephant. Everybody had a fun time.

Before it got too late, we went home to let Kylie and Jacey open one of their presents. They do not get to choose which one, I do. And guess what they got.....


It looks like Santa came while everyone was sleeping.

We have to wake the girls up at about 6:30 to start our long, but extremely fun, day of Christmas celebrations.

The girls loved what they got from Santa and what Mom and Dad gave them, too.
They got a new play house and a new slide to add to their backyard jungle gym.

Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Smith's to celebrate with them. The cousins are lining up youngest to oldest to head into the family room to see what their grandparents gave them.

We got spoiled, once again, by the Smith's and had a wonderful time with all our family.

Off to Maricopa we go.

At Grandpa Kurt and Grandma Mary's we start with a family picture. Its an easy way that Mary has created to ensure that we at least get a family pic once a year.

Aunt Natalie, Cullen, and Jacey

Grandma Mary and Jacey

The girls were so excited to open their presents. Kylie loved her ballet bag, apron set, and Tag leapster. Jacey got a big bouncy ball, doctor set, and new shoes.

One of Kylie's present's was a chest of dress-up clothes. She showed off each outfit and she even let Jacey try on one too.
They are indeed our little princesses!

I love this pic of Jacey posing with her cousins.

Lining up in front of their stockings from Grandma Mary and Papa Kurt.
Cullen, Jacey, Hudson, Karsten, Kylie, then Brecken.

Then for our final stop, we drove to Chandler to celebrate and eat dinner with Grandma Patti and Papa Dave.
The girls and Scott and I, are extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents and grandparents that spoil us rotten on Christmas.

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