Sunday, March 7, 2010

Halloween Adventures!

Our family likes to take full advantage of Halloween and tend to hit as many parties as possible. So here is how we celebrated Halloween 2009.
Kylie started it off with a bang at her preschool Halloween Party. Here she is posing with cousin Shane. He wanted him and Kylie to either be a Prince and a Princess or a Football player and a cheerleader. As you can see, Kylie chose to be a cheerleader and that meant Shane would be a football player. And of course we had to support our Arizona Cardinals!
October 30, Then we moved on to dance class where the kids were able to show off their costumes and did a parade down to Target. Kylie has a wonderful, energetic dance teacher whom she loves.

Straight from dance, we drove down to Chandler and joined my family at Natalie's Trunk or Treat.

Jacey liked to carry the bucket when it was empty, but then it got too heavy for her. She did very well going up and asking for candy. She even said thank you, sometimes.

The girls and Papa Dave.

Grandma Patti and all the cousins.
Hudson, Kylie, Jacey, Cullen, Brecken, and Karsten

October 31
Finally it is Halloween night.
We put on the costumes, once again, and headed down to Brent's house for some Trick-or-treating.

Becca, Kylie, Kelsi, and Jacey enjoy the hay ride to all the houses.

Then they decided the Rhino was much more fun to ride in.

Grandma Suzie and Jacey, Kylie, and Kelsi.

Finally, a family photo.
Halloween is always so much fun and we get way too much candy.

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