Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Christmas Time!

December 5, 2009
You know its that Jolly time of year, when the aprons go on and and the ovens get heated and lots of good desserts are ready to eat. This is our third annual Christmas Bake Off with Mary, my sisters, and I. This year my wonderful grandma Drue from Utah was able to join in our baking adventures. As you can see we make a lot. This year we chose to do peanut butter with chocolate star cookies, pumpkin cookies, chocolate covered pretzels with M&Ms, cinnamon rolls, fudge balls, and of course for the kids we did frosted sugar cookies and they decorated Gingerbread houses. We always have a wonderful time and try to share the wealth with our friends and neighbors.

While we were baking and thought Jacey was taking a nap, we soon found out what she was really up to....
Covering herself and the entire room with makeup!!!!!

Luckily, my dad took it with a smile and it all pretty much cleaned up. Next time I will make sure she is snoring before I assume she is asleep!

We can't wait for Christmas to come.

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