Wednesday, October 14, 2009

!The Cutest Little Tap Dancer!

June 13, 2009
Recital Time!
Kylie has been taking dance at Devney's Dance Academy for 10 months. She is in a 3-4 yr old combo class where she gets to learn both tap and ballet. She has made some new friends and really enjoys herself.
I am very proud of her and love to watch her dance.
The bunches of pictures are proof.
Here is Kylie in her dance costume.
They danced to "Put on a Happy Face", it was so cute.

Kylie getting ready.
Lots and lots of hairspray!

Driving to the recital.

She hasn't even danced yet and she's already tired.
She woke up immediately as we arrived at the school where she was performing.

The girls in her class.
Cosette, Elea, Madison, Kylie, Sailor, and Berkley

The Four Amigos!

On stage.
I didn't get a good picture during her individual class performance but I snapped this one during the finale.

Your a Star!

Mommy and Daddy are so PROUD!

Best Buds.
Kylie and Madison

Thanks to all who were able to come and support Kylie!

Kylie and Papa Dave

Always a challenge to get these two together to take a picture.


Jamie White said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

seriously!!!!! She is soooo super cute!!!!! I love your super cute girly-o's!