Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2009
Happy Memorial Day!!
Today, to celebrate, we went over to Brad's house with the rest of the Smith gang for a day of swimming and food.
The girls enjoyed both!


Jacey was head to toe covered in watermelon juice. Nothing like the pool for a bath.

May 23, 2009
On Saturday, we traveled down to Maricopa to enjoy my Dad's new pool!! We were all so excited to try out the new slide and play on the two bahama steps. The water was a little chilly but it was hot outside, so it didn't keep anyone from enjoying the water.

Kylie just helping keep an eye out on Jacey.

Yeah Kylie! She is becoming an excellent swimmer.
Enjoying the sun!

Here is Kylie getting ready to go down the slide. She was the first grandkid to go down the slide all by herself. She had her boogie board to help keep her up once she hit the water.

The slide is quite the adventure for these little kids. I even got a thrill going down myself.

Just like old times.
Papa Kurt gave all the kids rides all around their backyard.
I remember my grandpa wheeling us around on wheel barrow rides.

Kylie and Brecken getting the ride of their life.

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