Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Richardson Family Camping Trip.

June 25-28, 2009
This year for our annual camping trip with Papa Kurt and Grandma Mary we went to a place near Clints Well. It was a ton of fun. The weather was great and the kids had a blast with all the dirt. I have selected several pics that give just a glimpse of the good times we had.

Scott and Jacey exploring the great outdoors. Up on the shoulders keeps her a little cleaner.

Jacey loved to get in the Rhino both when it was going and when it was parked. In fact, she would cry if someone took the Rhino out for a ride without her.

Kaitlyn, Jacey, and Kylie just relaxing in this nice cooler weather. Rather be here, than in Phoenix right now.

What a cute camper!

At night, when all the parents were ready to relax, we put on a movie in the trailer and all the cousins would climb on the hide-a-bed and enjoy the movie. That is what was supposed to happen. Most of the nights we dont really know what went on in there. We just heard lots of giggles and playing. Oh, well. At least we knew where they were and they were having fun.

Scott took the kids for many rides in the Rhino.

Grandma Mary and Kylie

Mommy and the girls.

Apparently, Jacey thought the Rhino needed a little work done to it.

During the afternoon one day, we took the kids for a "hike". Natalie created a fun scavenger game for things around the woods. The kids searched for pine cones, pine needles, flowers, and other things. It was super fun for the kids and very relaxing for the adults.

Kylie found some pine needles.

Observing some worms hidden under a rock. Yuck!

More adventure on our "hike".

Aunt Natalie, Karsten, Brecken, and Kylie.

Gotta look cute even when your camping.

This was Jacey's eating arrangement. She sat on top of the table, away from all the dogs.
Where's Jacey?

Under the Trailer!!!!

Jacey and Bailey. Bailey's hoping for a little game of fetch.

The wonderful Water Gun Fight.

A little dirt never hurt!
The minute the girls stepped out of the trailer this is how they looked.
A good sunscreen and dirt mixture all over their face.

Goof Ball!
Brecken and Kylie.

Uncle Abe caught a lizard and shared it with Jacey. She didn't seem to mind that much.

Just relaxing.

At the end of each day, camping turned out to be very exhausting.
But sooooo much fun!!!!!

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SUPER CUTE!!!! love all of the pics... so much fun!