Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jacey's One!!!!

February 21, 2009

Today we celebrated Jacey's First Birthday!

I can not believe she is already one. She is such a sweetheart and a joy to our family. She brings us so much excitement and laughs.

We Love you Jacers.

Happy Birthday Jacey Lynn!

So the night before the party I found out that Scott was going to have to work the next day and I would be with the kids setting up for the party. Luckily we own two dogs, so I had a place to keep Kylie and Jacey while I did all the chores. Just Kidding! I did think it was funny to take this picture since they put themselves in there and were having a ball and I really was able to get some stuff done. :)

Jacey's theme was all girl. Hearts, pink, red, & white. Mary's friend was able to make the very cute and delicious cupcakes. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that was able to come and help us celebrate this special occasion.


Jacey loved her cake. She did the opposite of Kylie and actually used her hands to eat the cake. She mostly ate the frosting.

Then she was done!!!

And Kylie helped her finish it off.

Jacey got spoiled with all the presents she received. Thanks again to everyone!

Some of her favorites were the doll stroller, bath toys, and of course the wrapping paper.

Just some cute random pictures.

Jacey and Uncle Mark, one of her favorites!

I guess the party has to end some time.

What a fun time!

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