Saturday, September 26, 2009

Easter Celebration in Maricopa

April 10, 2009
Our Easter extravaganza started off with a bang as we traveled down to Grandpa Kurt and Grandma Mary's house for a full day of fun.

The kids start off with a easter basket hunt, that Grandma and Grandpa have made for each of them. Kylie was happy to help Jacey locate hers. Candy and little toys filled each basket. Kylie even got a fun princess puzzle.

Then they got to dye easter eggs.

We have started a new tradition, an annual Easter Egg Race. The kids loved it. There were a few, to say the least, mishaps. Hudson went to chase his and accidentaly stepped on it. Karsten kept throwing instead of rolling his egg. Kylie and Brecken followed all the rules but still ended up with less eggs than they started with.
Lots of Laughs.

Waiting to start the Egg Hunt.

On your mark, Get Set, ........


Kylie found tons of eggs. We lost track of how many, but she came home with a load of candy.

Baseball Game!
Uncle Tom and Grandpa Kurt helped the kids take turns batting.
Kylie surprised me at how well she could hit the ball. Yeah!
Just Relaxing.

Playing in Grandpa and Grandma's unfinished pool.
We can't wait for it to be done. We just wished we lived a little closer.

All in all, it was a successful day of fun!

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