Friday, September 25, 2009

It's My Party!

April 4, 2009
Today we celebrated Kylie and Becca's 4th Birthday.
We decided this year to do the girls party at the Scottsdale Train Park. Lots of family and friends were able to come out and make their day special. The weather was nice except for the tremendous amount of wind. We could hardly keep anything on the tables. Oh well, at least it wasn't hot. I took about a million pics, so I tried to just pick a few to summarize the party. (It is still a lot).
Here are just some fun pictures of some of the people who came.
Becca, Madison, Kylie, Brynlee, Isaac, & Emma

I love this picture.
We tried to get all the kids to take a picture together and it is just hilarious.

At the train park we were able to ride the train and the carousel. The kids also had fun just playing in the grass and flying a kite.

Waiting for the train!
(From Top Left to Bottom Right)
Shane, Kelsi, Luke, Kylie, Madison, Brecken & Kylie, Brynlee, Kyle, Emma & Valerie, Uncle Stevo and Jacey.

On The Train.
Emma, Brynlee, Kylie, & Madison

This is in the tunnel.
We told them to scream since it was all dark.

Waiting to ride the carousel.

Jacey waiting to ride too.

This is Jacey doing her quirky dance moves. So silly!

Sportin' the Cards gear. Thanks Grandpa.

Grandma Mary and Kylie

Uncle Steve with Kylie and Luke


Kylie and Becca wanted a Princess party so I did my best to make a cake that matched. Not too pretty but really yummy.

Trying to light the candles was a feat but she finally got them blown out herself and dug in. She ate her share then Brecken gladly took over.

Kylie was spoiled once again. To name a few, she got a princess tutu, money, bracelets, coloring stuff, play-doh, and much more.
What a lucky girl to have such wonderful family and friends.

Happy Birthday Kylie!!!
We love you tons.

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